RatRod Rescue

Small Animal Rescue and Sanctuary



Hi everyone my name is Mandi    



 How our rescues name came to be:

Our rescue's name is dedicated to my father who has supported my love of animals my entire life and encouraged me to start this rescue to give these animals a voice and 2nd chance of a great life  my dad is a wonderful man who values the environment as well as the preservation of its wildlife and marvels at life's simple pleasures. He enjoys old cars and racing A rat rod is a style of hot rod or custom car that models the early hot rods of the 40s, 50s, and 60s.

*We try our best to be Eco-friendly by the 3 "R'' reduce, reuse and recycle. we do not clean with any harsh chemicals* 

We are a family oriented and ran rescue the animals that come to us become part of our family, even when they are adopted they leave a lasting impression on each and everyone of us.

  We have Experience with many animals small to large,exotics and wild life rehabilitation.

We are a very small scale rescue we only take in as many animals as we can safely handle we are never over crowded our rescues are housed in our living room with the family to ensure happy and well rounded family pets they are used to normal house hold noises 

 We also do courtesy postings if we do not have space or you have a animal we do not take we will gladly post them on our site to help find a great home until a space opens here,with one of the rescue we currently work with or one of our foster homes if you are in need of a courtesy posting please let us know

We treat all of our rescue rodent for mites when they arrive here and before they leave to go to their new homes to ensure no transmitting from a new rat to ones we already have here or not to infect new cage mates when adopted.

Here in our care our rescue animals get the loving attention and care they need until they have found their forever homes we are also a sanctuary for animal that cannot be adopted for one reason or another 

Our rescue animals get daily attention and free range time,fresh food and water daily and we clean cages 3 times a week. 

We do have re-homing fees on most of our adoptable pets unless posted otherwise, we DO NOT Re home any animals for food or to be bred to make food we also don't "sell" to pet stores. 

What the animal came to our rescue with is what they leave with i do not keep or withhold any items. some animals come here with everything they need some come with nothing we like to re home the animals with something familiar if they came with nothing to help the transition.   

when adopting a new family member from us we will provide all background information known we will never hold anything back to adopt out a animal we want you to be happy with your new family member.

Also we will never judge you for your re-homing reasons 

Our rescue is located in Columbus, Ohio but we also work with the surrounding areas 

Looking forward to hearing from you!