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Adoption or Surrender  Stories

If you have adopted from me or surrendered to me please share your story

Thank you! :)

Quotes Mandi thank you so much for are wonderfull new family members you picked out the perfect ones for us they are do sweet we are in love you do such a great job I've been to Mandi's house several times and I have fostered for her and I can't say enough of the good things she does for us small animal lovers keep up the great job thanks so much Quotes

Quotes I got 2 female rats from Mandi for my 5 year old granddaughter and we are in "love." Mandi picked out the perfect rats for us and they are the sweetest, friendliest rats I have ever owned. They WANT to be with us...if we put them down they immediately climb right back on us and love to sit on our shoulders. They also give us kisses all the time. They love my granddaughter and she adores them. She named them Cutie and Precious and she picked the perfect names. I would recommend RatRodRescue to anyone looking for their first rat or their 101st rat. You will not find a more compassionate caring person who truly loves her rats and knows everything about each and every one of their personalities than Mandi. We love our babies so much we are already planning on getting 2 more so everyone can hold a rat at the same time. Us adults love them as much as the children. :) Thanks so much for Cutie and Precious Mandi...they have truly brought joy to our life in the short time we have had them. Quotes
Christine Billeg
VERY satisfied grandmother

Quotes I have adopted 6 rattys from Mandi and she is wonderful her rattys are healthy friendly and the best she takes such good care of her animals and dedicates herself to take the best care of them i am so happy to have met her and get my rattys from her ill never go any were else Thanks Mandi Quotes
lorie udischas

Quotes Happy Holidays!! Just wanted to send you the annual update on Kelly the cockatiel. Our flock has grown tremendously since we adopted Kelly. We have 22 birds now. Everything from big parrots down to finches. Kelly and Baby the cockatiels are still like a close pair. The currently reside in a large floor cage with two other birds (Conures) about their size. They are right by a window and spend much of the day looking out it. Kelly and baby both have full flight feathers now so they love to fly around during their out of cage time. I hope all is going well with your small animal rescue. Hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas. Quotes
Kelly's new mommy

Quotes We surrendered 2 males rats to Mandi at Rat Rod due to us moving and not being able to have pets she was very understanding of our situation and promised to dedicate time to finding them a new loving home they have been adopted and we get monthly updated and sometimes new pictures of our boys living with their new family we are so glad there is people that care for the small and fuzzy and can not thank Rat Rod enough for helping our boys to find a loving home! Quotes
Mia Manning
Surrendered to Rat Rod

Quotes My daughter suffers from a mood disorder and when her beloved hamster passed away she was devastated. We found RatRod on the internet and Mandi was wonderful! We recently adopted a pair of male rats. They are so sweet, tame and healthy. They are such a great addition to our family. My daughter loves them so much! Mandi was awesome with answering our questions. She is extremely dedicated in making sure that the rats that she adopts out are healthy, tame and the best fit for your family. I highly recommend RatRod! Quotes
The Parfitt Family
Very Satisfied Rat Grandma :o)

Quotes Hello Mandi, I was just emailing to let you know that I am absolutely in love with these little boys! I named the siamese one Pogo and the black berk Bundy. They are the sweetest little things ever! I've got them all settled into their new home and will be sending pictures soon. Thanks again, Brittany. Quotes
adopted two 5 week old males 7.28.2011

Quotes When our family was looking for a new small animal for our daughters we came across Rat Rods website on the internet we decided to contact them regarding some hamsters they had posted for adoption but Mandi directed us to some rescued baby rats and also e mailed us a few articles on rats as pets so we set up and time to come visit the rescue we had a wide selection to choose from all the rescued animals in their care was friendly and loving we decided to adopt a pair of females we couldnt have been happier with the pets as well as the care,dedication and pride they take in the animals at their rescue their adoption fees are reasonable and their animals are healthy we look forward to adoption from them again! Quotes
Best Wishes

Quotes My family adopted 2 male rats from Mandi at RatRod they was wonderfully tame and the picture of health they was already use to children and parasite free we have had our boys for 5 months now and are absolutely in love with our new family members Mandi has been a great help with any questions or concerns about our boys,we hear from her once a month to make sure everything is okay not just with the rats but even with our family we would recommend Mand and RatRod to anyone looking for healthy,tame and lovable rats!! Quotes
Satisfied New Mom Of Adopted Rats

Quotes I have been talking with Mandi for a few months now. She is so awesome at what she does! She really gives the animals her all and makes many sacrifices for their well being. I just recently adopted 10 ratties from her and they are awesome and in great health and awesome temperment. 3 hairless boys, 5 haired boys and 2 haired girlies. Absolutely gorgeous rescues. I usually prefer dumbos, but could not pass these cuties up!!! Quotes
Nicki Bussell
Avid rat lover