RatRod Rescue

Small Animal Rescue and Sanctuary




Imogen is a young broken hooded female rat she was a concerned owner surrender her owner was concerned her cats was going to eat her so she brought her to us here at the rescue Imogen has found a wonderful home in a loving family! 2008


  Iggy,Bob and Waldo

All three hooded brother rats was a owner surrender they had a wonderful owner due to personal reason she could no longer care for these 3 brothers so they came here they have since found a great wonderful home all together 2009




Crystal now renamed Kelly was a owner surrender when her elderly owner passed away her/his age was unknown he came here scared and untamed  Kelly found a wonderful bird loving home and now even has a new best bird friend and is coming along with hand taming he has a long life ahead of him best of luck Kelly!-Thank you Tracy and family 2009


  Skittles   Adopted 12.1.2010 M&M

 Both boy are back with their original owners with loving children these boys were up for adoption by mistake but we are happy to have met and had these boys in our care they were a joy to have and so adorable just look at those faces!   *update Skittles has found a wonderful home with my mother who fell in love him the moment they were surrendered to us his original owner noticed this and offered to give him to her Thank you Aimee! he very loved and M&M is very missed around here!


  Kenya  Adopted 11.15.2010

Kenya is a Kenyan Sand Boa around a year old she has found her permanent home here in the rescue due to she can be a little temperamental  she was a surrender due to her owner going back into the military and had no place for her to go while he was serving his term   


 Dexter    Adopted 1.8.2011

 Dexter was adopted by a nice family on Thank you Jennifer and family!

  Stout        2011     

 Stout Came here as a owner surrender feeling she could no longer give him the care he needed as he aged after being here with us for a month Stout found a wonderful home with a experienced rattie owner he is doing wonderful and now even has a same sex cage mate-Thank you Bonnie!



 Diamond  Sapphire


                                            Adopted 2.23.2011

we have grown so attached to Diamond and her daughter but they have found a great home with a loving family we couldn't ask for more this is why we do what we do, to see abandoned,abused or unwanted animals get a second chance at a great healthy long life with no more worries i would like to say Thank you to everyone who has adopted from me or from any animal rescue and showing people that these rescued angels are not broken and are worthy of love,safety,time spent and most of all compassion! 

Was adopted  by a wonderful family NO MORE BABIES for Diamond! she will be loved and cared for for the rest of her life and she will be accompanied by her daughter Sapphire we are so grateful that the family adopted them together so mother and daughter can be happy together! Thank you Carla and Family.

R.I.P Diamond and thank you Carla for loving her into her last days!


  Babies Adopted! Adopted 3/10/11

2 female hairless was adopted today! going to a great family with kids these girl will be so loved-Thank you Jennifer and Family!


  2 females                           Adopted 3.11.2011

 2 more hairless babies adopted today going to a great home Thank you Judy and family! 



  Lavender-Adopted 4.8.2011

 Lavender spent a few months in the care of our rescue getting some much needed rehab we grew very attached to her here and it was sad to say good bye, but we are happy to report Lavi has found a wonderful happy home with Amanda and her family!-Thank you 


    Milo Adopted 4.10.2011

Milo has been adopted!-Thank you 


  Little white female-Adopted 4.18.2011

One of 26 surrenders that came in on 4.16.2011


Tootsie the black Berkshire 1 1/2 year old female was adopted 4.20.2011 




4.18.2011 Hooded head spot female was adopted and a $15 Donation by Maria-Thank you :)



2 females-Adopted 4.21.11-Thank you Jennifer



  Rocco  Mako

Rocco & Mako Brothers was adopted 5.4.2011 We will really miss you guys!


    Grace          Mable

Grace and Mable was from the same surrender they are sisters they have been adopted 5.10.2011 and are staying in the RatRod family for the rest of their years



Kara is a beautiful Beige capped female came in with a surrender of 30 others 

Was adopted into a new home on 5.23.2011 with Mariyashe




 Mariyashe is a Siamese Dumbo sweet girl she came in as a own surrender with her sisters she has been adopted into a wonderful home with Kara on 5.23.2011


 Dipity came in as a owner/breeder surrender sweet sweet girl loves everyone! she was adopted on 5.23.2011


Bandit    Onyx       *updated family pics*


6.15.2011 Bandit and Onyx Have been adopted into a wonderful family they have 2 loving children to play and love on them everyday also they will have a big brother rattie to show them the ropes Thank you to the family that adopted them please keep in touch!




6.16.2011 Orion went to his new home today! we will miss you Orion

  Vlad  Reaper

6.20.2011 Vlad & Reaper Siamese brothers was adopted into a new loving home!

 Aja-Adopted 2011

  Heaven-Adopted! 2011

  Dusk-Patch work HL-ADOPTED! 2011

  Vixen-Black Female Rex-ADOPTED! 2011

  Mirage-Black white Variegated female-Adopted! 2011


 Dinero- Black and white long haired male kitten-ADOPTED 2011



  All babies from this litter(15) has found wonderful homes :) 2011


  Momma to the litter above adopted! 2011


  Valentino Albino male mouse adopted 12/20/2011 



Has found his new loving home 12/22/2011!! Yay Cha we will miss you!! updated picture of him in his new home to follow shortly!



  Alcatraz  Capone

Last adoption of 2011!!Bothers was adopted into the same family yay BOYS Thank you Lori and family!

  Siya  Ashanti

Sisters adopted 1/06/2012 1st adoptions of the year!! in to the same home and family Thank you Lorie and Family



 Mia was adopted 2/29/12




Angel was adopted with Mia above! 2/29/2012



                                       adopted 2/19/2012


  Pat and Cozmo 

                         Adopted End of Feb. 2012


 Adopted 3/01/2012 R.I.P Felony passed away in his owners arms June of 2013 


Siamese Standard Ear she was adopted 3.2.2012 



 Siamese Standard Ear Sisters adopted 3.3.2012! YAY Girls <3 Thank you Christina.






 All 4 Beige and white females have been adopted in pairs to loving families in March 8th and 9th  2012.



  Cutie and Precious adopted to Christine and family March 10th 2012.



 Adopted 3.11.2012


Adopted 3.15.2012



Brothers One Agouti capped and one Agouti capped MM with head markings adopted 4.3.2012 also a $10 Donation Thank you Caroline and family enjoy your boys!


Amore and Allegra was adopted 4/17/2012 together thank you Leeann


 Sweetie & Pee Wee Siamese Dumbo sisters ADOPTED 9/24/2012!



stu and Templeton are brothers they found a very loving home here in Columbus 


Mendel and Yuri-Updated family pics! Adopted by a wonderful new mommy! 



 2 sister bunnies adopted from our rescue 12/4/2012 



Adopted 12/23/2013 Thank you Andrea and family! we sure miss you Frost and Sheeva! 



Little Black and white hooded female adopted by Andy and family on 1/30/2013 


Pinstripe and Khaki was adopted to James on  2/1/2013 Named Pinstripe & Khaki by their new daddy! Congrats boys! And thank you to James for the donation to our rescue More pictures of Pinstripe and Khaki at their new home @ http://picasaweb.google.com/110322746753219150344/ratties?gsessionid=z2LD9mVwYC5fHaXK_6hnjg


Ruby & Poe sisters was adopted 2/3/2013 thank you kim and family as well as for the $5 donation.



 A huge thank you to Heather from us here at RatRod for keeping all four of these fellas together they was adopted into her family on Saturday March 9th of 2013 

Also thank you for the $5 donation as well as the carry cage for the rescue we greatly appreciate everything!  


 Twinkie has been adopted June 6th 2013!



Adopted Friday June 14th 2013 thank you Kayla! 



 O Adopted into a very loving home with 2 lovely little girls June 15th 2013 

Adopted into the same family as Munchkin above will have a loving home and little girls to love her adopted June 15th 2013



Snickers the ferret was adopted into a awesome family he will be traveling with his new daddy over the road in a truck he was adopted June 15th 2013

  2 hairless sisters

Adopted June 26th 2013 by Miranda thank you so much for looking into a rescue to find your new babies we appreciate your support of what we do here! Enjoy your ladies!









 3 brothers was adopted by Kim and family July 18th 2013! Thank you so very much 









Adopted 7/31 by Erin and family! 


Adopted 8/7/2013 by Jill and family thank you very much!









  Yang adopted 9-20-2013




  Adopted 9.21.2013






 Zoey the hedgehog adopted December 7th 2015