RatRod Rescue

Small Animal Rescue and Sanctuary


 Love Animals?               

Want to help the ones in need?                                  

There are many ways we can make a difference to the welfare of small animals. Whether you donate, foster a small animal, use our services, or link to us from your website, each action brings us a step closer to fulfilling our mission.

If you would like to make a monetary donation we would be very grateful we appreciate any and all donations no donation is too small every dollar goes a long way in feeding,housing and veterinary care for our rescue animals  


Anything helps, all donations go towards helping small animals in need whether its gift cards,foods,bedding,water bottles,Hammocks,old towels/blankets,shredded papers,plastic totes,pet food coupons etc. new or used items are welcomed

We also have a wish list of things we desperately need for our rescue. If you can contribute any donations, it will go a long way towards keeping our rescue up and running.
Foster a small animal

There are many reasons for fostering a small animal and it can be really rewarding to see them find good homes. We are always looking for experienced people to foster small animals, so if you think you might like to offer a temporary home,please contact for a fostering form.


Perhaps you can volunteer your time and vehicle to help with transportation. We need animals picked up from all over Ohio an to  help collect small animals from pounds and shelters, and sometimes from veterinary hospitals. If you would like to occasionally offer us a little of your time and transport, please Email.
Link to us

You can help increase traffic to our website by creating a link to Rat Rod Rescue by simply copying and pasting onto your website
*please inform us so we may thank you!.

We are always looking to build a long term relationship(including other rescues). If you are a produce store, pet supplies shop or other business that could regularly provide us with products as simple as shredded paper, cardboard boxes or discounts on products, we would love to hear from you! Please send us a e mail.



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