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Rescues below in blue are people i have met,worked with and been in their rescues they are wonderful people who deeply care about animals, the animals in there rescues gets the up most care and treatment they will go above and beyond to help out with a situation i would truly recommend either on.The rescues in yellow i have not met personally but they come highly recommended by others   If you run a rescue and would like to be added to our website please e mail


Animals New Begginning

 Pending 501. deal mostly with dogs but will also take kitties. We are a group working together to save abused and neglected furbabies


 Adoption fees for Animals New Begginning:

Dogs and puppies $150-200.00 dependng on vetting at the time of adoption

Cats and kittens-$35

Please Contact  Natasha @ sylviassmilessanctuary@yahoo.com





Save an Ohio Pitbull! Check em out!   




http://redeemabledanes.webs.com/-Great Dane,Dane mixes and possible other breeds

 We strive to place our rescued Great Danes into homes where their size and habits can be appreciated!


Amber Miller and Brooke Ludwig run a Great Dane rescue in Grove City, OH. We are privately based in our own home and take in a certain amount of Great Danes and Great Dane Mixes at a time. We train, rehabilitate, re-nourish, and raise them ourselves to be more acceptable to adopt our to their forever families. The types of training provided consist of bell training, hand signals, leash training, sit, stay, lay down, get, fetch, and much more!


Even though we specialize in Great Danes, we are more than happy to help any family in need of rehoming their pet! Please spread the word and help save one dog at a time!


if your looking for a loving, caring and trusted foster home for a animal please contact Tera @ fosteringanimals@yahoo.com


West Side Rescue and Sanctuary is a all Bird and Turtle rescue she accepts all sizes of birds from the smallest to largest and also all types and sizes of turtles from land to water you can contact Rena at Rena28614@aol.com or check out her website at:  http://www.freewebs.com/petratrattery/  -We work with Rena closely and have nothing but great things to say about her and her home rescue!  


 http://skinnylittlebuddysrescue.org/-Dog,Puppies and ferrets located in Edon,Ohio

 Skinny Little Buddy's Animal Rescue, Mission Statement:

 It is the mission of Skinny Little Buddy's Animal Rescue, Inc. to save as many unwanted, homeless and helpless dogs and puppies in and around Williams County Ohio as humanly possible.  Also,  to provide food, shelter and medical attention to those dogs and puppies who are in need. We rescue dogs from kill shelters and receive dogs and puppies from owners who no longer want their pet for whatever reason. We are NOT  a kill shelter. We keep our dogs and puppies until we can find them a suitable forever home. We do not turn our backs on dogs and puppies in need. 


 Moonlight Rescue

 Moonlight Reptile Rescue is for the Miami, Shelby, Darke county areas. A place for reptiles that could not be adopted out in other ways. At this time we can not take water turtles, snakes over 6 feet and only a small amount of iguanas.





 If you are needing help with you Guinea Pig and in the NW Ohio Christine at 


Can offer you help please check out her rescue!



 Hamster rescue:


 We also take in any hamster(weather they are dwarves or not!) in need of a loving home. They will either stay with us for the remainder of their life(if they have any health or mental issues) or will be placed in an APPROVED home only! Any illness or mental issues will be treated with us as well!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime!