RatRod Rescue

Small Animal Rescue and Sanctuary

 *If you need to return the pet for health reasons, and you desire an exchange, you may do so within (5) five days from adoption. An exchange is applicable towards the exchange of an animal of equal or lesser value pending consultation with a R.R.R Representative to determine if the exchange pet is appropriate for the new home. We understand it may take time to find the appropriate pet for the household; therefore exchange will be valid for up to one (1) year from adoption date.

 No exchange will be given for reasons that should have been considered before making the decision to adopt a pet such as (but not limited to):

Allergies, existing or developed
Not wanted by spouse and/or children,
Not enough time for pet
Not litter/potty trained
can’t keep, etc.

The above-listed reasons, as well as similar behaviors and situations, should be considered prior to adopting an
animal. If you are not prepared to handle any behavior issues that may arise, it is in the best interest for everyone(including the animals) to postpone adoption. Should you decide to postpone the adoption, or take some time to reconsider, we understand your decision and we appreciate your honesty.

we will take back any pet (animal)adopted from us at any time for the above reasons but no exchanges or refunds will be give
Rat Rod Rescue cannot guarantee the health of the animal they need to be seen by your current vet as with any new animal acquired , nor can we be held responsible for their behaviors after adoption.

When adopting a pet from R.R.R, you are agreeing to be responsible for any and all medical expenses for the adopted pet.

Exception to the return policy if your new pet was BORN HERE at our rescue we extend a 2 week(14 days) health guarantee, if your new pet expires(passes away) with in the 14 days we will replace or exchange for a new pet please inquire for full details
*THERE IS NEVER A REFUND OF MONEY* All adoption fees go toward Vet bills,Caging upgrades,food,bedding and other supplies/needs for the animals in our care.
If the Pet you pick does not fit your lifestyle you have seven (7) business days to contact R.R.R for an exchange for another pet that will fit your life style and/or family