RatRod Rescue

Small Animal Rescue and Sanctuary



If You wish to surrender a rat(s) please fill out these online questions printed in Blue and e mail them back to us we will get back to you normally within 24 hours. 

Printed in pink is surrender form for all other types of animals you wish to surrender please fill out as completely as possible and send it via e mail

*Please consider surrendering an animal with cage/items we can only take in as many animals  as we have cage space for*

1. Your name (first and last), location (street, city, state), and phone number

2. Number of rats

3. Where did these rats come from? If from a rescue, shelter, or breeder, please give specifics.

4. Approximate birth date(s) / age(s) of rat(s)
5.possibility of being pregnant?*

6. Personalities of rat(s)

7. Health condition and if they have ever been to the vet (including any past physical or behavioral problems) if they do have a vet please provide contact information

8. What are you currently feeding your rat(s)?

9. What type/size housing does your rat(s)
currently live in and what bedding do you use?

10. Are you willing to send your rat's housing with them to their new home?

11. If you are willing to help transport to rescue. How long/far can you travel?

12. Reason for giving up rodents?.-*we do not judge*

13.Have you contacted the breeder/person you got the rat(s) from to make sure its okay to place them with us?
14.any other comments?

15. first and last name 

16. Please send any pictures you have as well!


Please email to cbuschick614@yahoo.com

We will get back to you with in 24 hours but normally sooner 



If you wish to surrender any other small animal please fill out below and e mail to us please include a photo of the animal with this form

1.Type of animal(s)?

2.Number of animal(s)?


4.where did they come from? Breeder,Pet store please give specifics

5.sex(es),marking(s) or color(s)*any possibility of pregnancy if female?*

6.Health conditions if any?

7.Ever seen a vet? if so please explain

8.Would you consider sending the housing and/or items with it/them?

9.Are you willing to transport to rescue?

10.Reason for giving up? keep in mind we dont judge

11.any questions or comments?

12.your first,last name and the date: